An initiative to increase collaboration on Intershop Projects.

Note: This community is an independant initiative.
Please visit the official intershop site regarding Intershops' official offering.

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Intershop implementation projects tend to follow the same implementation topics from automating catalog imports to developing integrations with payment or email service providers. We could make our work a lot easier if we collaborated more; Reducing implementation effort, reducing maintenance costs and easening transitions between versions
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Current status (#ToDo's)

  • Involving more collaborators into this initiative
  • Bring together a core-team
  • Creating a better platform to enable developer collaboration with features to share code and experiences
  • Organize some events together with Intershop
  • Have fun!

Who's behind this?

This site was set up by Marijn Oosterveld;I'm a Senior Intershop Engineer from The Netherlands. I've helped build numerous Intershop sites including, and

Some people have come to know me as the guy that set up queueing for import/exports, implementation of a pricecloud to calculate customer specific prices or setting up the CI pipelines for Intershop Deployments using Jenkins.

Do you need (insider) help with your intershop challenges? Let's have a talk.
Mailto: marijn-at-enlited-dot-nl


I'm looking for..
Intershop Jobs
Intershop Implementation Partners
Solutions for my developer challenges
Intershop events